Empower your restaurant team with AnyDiner

Our Philosophy: Stop guessing your prep and labor budgets, and equip your store team with data they can use.

Average restaurant food waste.


Average return for foodservice tech investments reducing food waste*.

8 hr

Monthly labor savings for store managers, with AnyDiner Prep Planning

110 hr

Monthly store team labor savings, through AnyDiner-optimized labor budgeting.


What you get with AnyDiner

From planning food prep, to predicting sales and labor, AnyDiner will transform how your store operates

Recipe-Level Insight

Standard point-of-sale (POS) reports only give you high-level sales and labor totals. AnyDiner, gives you detailed insight into individual prep items, to better manage inventory and reduce waste.

Predictive Food Prep

Using your existing POS data, AnyDiner generates a prediction that gives your staff an hour-by-hour playbook for what to prep, how much, and at what time. Every Hour, every day.

Sales & Labor Prediction

AnyDiner's cutting-edge forecasting model captures annual and seasonal changes to predict your store's sales, and required labor, so your store managers don't have to spend (expensive) time guessing based on year-old sales data.

Order Turnaround Time Performance

For many quick-service restaurant operators, the drive-thru is essential. With AnyDiner's Speed of Service module, benchmark order turnaround time across your stores, optimizing where it matters most.

Role-Specific Views

Spreadsheets aren't very helpful for a restaurant team. AnyDiner has Playbook views for in-store Managers, printable prep sheets for the kitchen, and more advanced visuals for Operations Leaders.

Social Pulse

Operating even a few stores makes it hard to stay on top of customer reviews from sites like Google Maps and Yelp. The Social Pulse module puts those reviews front-and-center, so you can manage your store's reputation.

How do I start?

Step 1: Contact us for a no-obligation demo

In a free 30 minute demo, we'll show you the AnyDiner platform, and confirm it is the right fit for your restaurants.

Step 2: We connect to your POS

AnyDiner works by connecting to your existing POS system. We have a variety of connectors that integrate with today’s most popular POS systems. After we import your historical transaction data, we apply our proprietary prediction suite to prep, sales, and labor.

Step 3: Activate Dashboards

Once we import your data, we configure dashboard access for your team. With role-specific AnyDiner perspectives, single-store managers see their data, and your regional leaders see cross-store comparisons, while everyone can work from the same numbers.


Inside AnyDiner

Prep smarter, schedule labor to match demand,
and delight your guests with faster service


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use Anydiner?

We do all the heavy lifting! From integrating with your point-of-sale, transforming your data, and delivering dashboards tailored to each member of your team.

Aren't the static reports from my point-of-sale vendor enough?

Every day, your in-store team make "Game time decisions", like deciding whether to prep more food in real time. With peak traffic at lunch or dinner, that often leads to over-prep, and a direct impact to the store's margin.

How is AnyDiner priced?

Great question! Since AnyDiner is refreshed daily with your freshest transaction data, it is available as a subscription and priced per-store location. Get in touch for a demo and ask about our new customer pricing.